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Holidays on Eggshells, Day 5

First off, Merry Christmas! I wish every one of you much happiness during the holidays and a stellar 2012. XOXO.

Now on to the other stuff…

A Christmas Miracle & A Sound of Music Rewrite

9:56 p.m. (December 24) — Watching The Sound of Music on network TV, alone and perfectly content (dare I say happy?)

I avoided the SIL Christmas Eve gala! After attending a stress-free and happiness-inducing Children’s Christmas mass this evening with T (I can’t continue this charade — you know who you are and you are definitely not a “Denise” my friend) and her dear son M, I decided to not drive 120 miles round-trip to an uncomfortable evening. This evening would’ve featured a very lumpy rug, because so much stuff had, and will continue to be, swept under it. My sanity is hanging from a frayed and fragile string and I didn’t want to tempt fate (or gravity). I am also sad tonight about my ex and need to reflect in a chaos-free environment. Yes, everyone thinks he’s an ass and that I should hate him, but not tonight. I spent last Christmas with him and it was a special weekend with his family. (Cue Memory sung by Babs.)

So after mass, I called Mavis — who was already at mySILs, an hour away — and said N O P E, not coming. She was not happy. Pissed, actually. So here I sit, blissfully watching The Sound of Music on TV,  nursing a Jameson’s and waiting for the cow manure to hit the fan when Mavis and Dick get home. The wonderful part: I don’t give a shit.

So in the spirit of the holidays, I give you a rewrite of the The Sound of Music‘s “Sixteen Going on Seventeen.” (NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Edited song lyrics below are in bold. And yeah, nothing rhymes and I really don’t care.)

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