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Overheard in Providence Today

I swear I’m going to write everyday, however boring and banal it is. I’m about to rush off to eat at Tini, a very teenie-tiny restaurant in Providence with one of my wonderful friends. The food is tiny (and so tasty) and there are only like 20 seats… I wish my ass was a tiny thing these days.

Speaking of working off the cheeto gut I have acquired over the last couple weeks (which has only enhanced the chocolate and pizza gut I worked so hard to obtain over the past seven months), I went for a glorious run today. The early autumn weather was (and still is quite) sublime today. As I was finishing up my run and walking down Elmgrove Ave., I passed a woman — probably early 30s — talking on her cell phone:

Woman on cell phone: Uh huh, yeah, uh huh. I know. He took me to meet his entire family. I met his entire family!

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