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Holidays on Eggshells, Day 1

Note: Please refer back my previous post and the cast of characters. I’ve decided to write about the next six days of family holiday bliss, using those characters (who may or may not, um, be similar to my own family). I am Anna, of course, and it will be written from her perspective. No, schizophrenia/split personality disorder has not set in. I’m stillĀ  your garden variety neurotic, anxious gal with major depressive disorder. I just find that I can be more honest about my family members when I give them different names and tweak some of the details. They would shit their pants if they ever found this blog, that is — if they even recognized themselves (of which I’m not 100% sure; they tend to wear blinders).

The Beginning

Day 1 (December 20) — 8:00 a.m., TF Greene Airport

I’m sitting at the airport waiting for the clusterfuck of boarding a Southwest Airlines flight (people who have undesirable boarding numbers and push ahead of me in line annoy me, especially if I end up stuck in a middle seat). All my meds are in my carry-on bag, and I feel like I’m 90 years old as they clack around inside their bottles. So many many meds, just to keep me from staying in bed all day and crying my eyes out for no apparent reason. On the bright side, they will be very useful during this trip. I desperately want a cup of coffee, but I can’t. This new drug Viibryd is still giving me unpleasant GI issues. I do not want to experience that horror at 30,000 feet.

Flying into Orlando versus Tampa was much cheaper, but now I am regretting that decision. There are 100 kids waiting to board this flight, who are hyped up on DISNEY WORLD FOR CHRISTMAS! I’m kicking myself for not investing in those Bose noise-cancelling headphones.

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