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Overheard in Providence Today

I swear I’m going to write everyday, however boring and banal it is. I’m about to rush off to eat at Tini, a very teenie-tiny restaurant in Providence with one of my wonderful friends. The food is tiny (and so tasty) and there are only like 20 seats… I wish my ass was a tiny thing these days.

Speaking of working off the cheeto gut I have acquired over the last couple weeks (which has only enhanced the chocolate and pizza gut I worked so hard to obtain over the past seven months), I went for a glorious run today. The early autumn weather was (and still is quite) sublime today. As I was finishing up my run and walking down Elmgrove Ave., I passed a woman — probably early 30s — talking on her cell phone:

Woman on cell phone: Uh huh, yeah, uh huh. I know. He took me to meet his entire family. I met his entire family!

(Longish pause.)

Woman on cell phone:

I can’t stop crying. I thought… well I thought.  I mean you meet his parents and all his siblings and he takes you to Chicago to meet them and you just think….you know?

(Shorter pause.)

Woman on cell phone:

Yeah, but… buhhhht…(woman is now crying)

(Short, short pause. Followed by sniffling.)

Woman on cell phone:

Yeah, I’ll be over after work. Maybe we can bake cupcakes or order pizza.

I wanted to give her a big hug and a cautionary tale about the horrors of cheetos. But instead, I ran all the way home, thinking “I’m not alone.”

On the flipside, I am now sitting in the corner cafe perhaps stupidly sipping a double espresso at 6pm. I’m about to leave for dinner while jotting down my thoughts and I am listening to a woman beside me blabbing on her cell phone. I am just amazed by people, not necessarily in good ways:

Cell phone woman #2:

The wedding is in three weeks. I have to be a bridesmaid and the dress is ugly and I don’t know any of the other bridesmaids.

(Pause, followed by laughter.)

Cell phone woman #2:

Yeah, HIM. I’m going to tell him that he’s not invited to the wedding and I’m going to take my other boyfriend.


Off to eat tiny food… I promise a good post re: one of my favorite advice columns Love Letters, which runs in the Boston Globe. A reader wrote in and basically said women over 35 are doomed to marry old crochety men or wait for the younger ones to get divorced. I plan on discussing that tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Overheard in Providence Today

  1. I think being over 35 and getting into a relationship works much better…. you know what you want… or better, what you DON’T want…. you only need a couple of dates to figure out if it has potential or not, and, you know that you are able to handle yourself on your own so you could really take it/or leave it. Things could be much worse…. 🙂

  2. PS>.. I really enjoyed reading your blog!

  3. I’m so glad you are doing this. I miss your wit and your humor! And it’s always good to write through the grieving/ rebirth process…..

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