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Overheard in Providence Today

I swear I’m going to write everyday, however boring and banal it is. I’m about to rush off to eat at Tini, a very teenie-tiny restaurant in Providence with one of my wonderful friends. The food is tiny (and so tasty) and there are only like 20 seats… I wish my ass was a tiny thing these days.

Speaking of working off the cheeto gut I have acquired over the last couple weeks (which has only enhanced the chocolate and pizza gut I worked so hard to obtain over the past seven months), I went for a glorious run today. The early autumn weather was (and still is quite) sublime today. As I was finishing up my run and walking down Elmgrove Ave., I passed a woman — probably early 30s — talking on her cell phone:

Woman on cell phone: Uh huh, yeah, uh huh. I know. He took me to meet his entire family. I met his entire family!

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Happy Birthday to Me

Relaunching my blog is my birthday gift to myself. So yay for me today! After what have possibly the most craptacular last three weeks of my life I’m tired of the pity party. I have successfully figured out over the past 21 days that:

1. I can go three days without showering (but need to wash my hair only every four days). Not sure if all my friends and neighbors would agree…but I promise not to judge if they ever choose to curl up in a ball and eschew bathing.

2. Vodka is NOT food group. Neither are cheetoes. I don’t think I can look at a martini or powdery yellow salty snack EVER again. Tomorrow I start training for a 5K!

3. My friends rule the world. So does my family (even though they sometimes put the crazy in the icing on top of the crazy cake).

4. Everyone should have a pet. The unconditional love attached to a warm nose and gentle eyes won’t immediately cure a broken heart, but it sure helps a helluva lot.

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